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Dolphin Teraphy (For Children)

Dolphin Assisted Therapy / Dolphin Teraphy (For Children) Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) is a supportive alternative therapy mostly effective for children 3 – 16 years old. Scientific studies have shown that DAT is beneficial for children with following disorders: – Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD): Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger Syndrome – Down Syndrome – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder […]

Congenital Deformities

Congenital deformities include problems like Cleftlip and Palate , Brachycephaly , Trigonocephaly , Scaphocephaly, Anterior Plagiocephaly, Tower Head / Oxycephaly, Flat Forehead ,  Flathead / Plagiocephaly , Craniosynostosis , Malocclusion ( Bad Bite ) , Apertsyndrome, Crouzonsyndrome , Pfeiffersyndrome , Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS), Hypertelorism . Craniofacial dysostosis : Crouzon and Apert Syndromes Crouzon and Apert are the most common of the craniosynostosis syndromes. […]

Cleftlip and Palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate, also known as orofacial cleft and cleft lip and palate, is a group of conditions that includes cleft lip (CL), cleft palate (CP), and both together (CLP). A cleft lip contains an opening in the upper lip that may extend into the nose. The opening may be on one side, […]


Brachycephaly (from Greek meaning “short” and “head” is the shape of a skull shorter than typical for its species. It is perceived as a desirable trait in animals but in humans  the cephalic disorder is known as flat head syndrome, and results from premature fusion of the coronal sutures (read craniosynostosis) or from external deformation (read plagiocephaly). The coronal […]


Trigonocephaly (Greek: ‘trigonon’ = triangle, ‘kephale’ = head) is a congenital condition of premature fusion of the metopic suture (Greek: ‘metopon’ = forehead) leading to a triangular shaped forehead. The merging of the two frontal bones leads to transverse growth restriction and parallel growth expansion. It may occur syndromic involving other abnormalities or isolated


Scahocephaly from Greek skaphe meaning ‘light boat or skiff’ and kephale meaning ‘head’) describes a specific shape of a long narrow head that resembles an inverted boat. It is a type of cephalic disorder which occurs when there is a premature fusion of the sagittal suture. The sagittal suture joins together the two parietal bones of skull. Scaphocephaly […]

Anterior Plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly is a term used to describe an asymmetric head shape. The word itself comes from the Greek plagios (oblique or slanted) and kephale (head). It is important to identify the type of plagiocephaly which is classified into: 1. Frontal (anterior) plagiocephaly, caused by unilateral synostosis of the coronal suture 2. Occipital (posterior) plagiocephaly, caused by unilateral […]

Tower Head / Oxycephaly

Oxycephaly, also known as turricephaly, acrocephaly, hypsicephaly, oxycephalia, steeple head, tower head, tower skull, high-head syndrome and Turmschädel, Oxycephaly is a type of cephalic disorder where the top of the skull is pointed or conical due to  premature closure of the coronal suture plus any other suture, like the lambdoid, or it may be used […]

Flat Forehead

Flat Forehead is seen in children and also adults . It can be corrected according to the need with craniofascial surgical methods.