Facial Rejuvenation / Face Lift

yuz-genclestirmeWrinkles and soft tissues sagging are some aging signs. Individual risk factors, aging, sun lght exposure,  nutrition, smoking etc. are some related risk factors.

Deepening of wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows, sagging upper eyelid ,  lower eyelid bags, cheek sagging, sagging under chinn, loos of cheeck bone volumen etc. some some other signs …

Facial rejuvenation surgery can be done after the age of 35 . We aim natural facial rejuvenation , face lift with our own methods , long lastin up to 15 years and very important a very natural look.

Nowadays well known method endoscopic face lift was developed by our craniofacial surgert team Dr. Celik , published and presentated at top scientific international congresses.  This method , endoscopic face lift method is applied without making large incisions cut in the haired area only  1 cm incisions  is enough  to reach a more fresh younger natural look, including forehead , eye brow, cheek lift, mid face lift. Total corrections on the upperface including eye area , upper and lower eye lid, eye bags. This method was published in 1999 (Modifications in Endoscopic Face-lifts, published in Annals of Plastic Surgery, 1999).

On the same surgery, according to need lower face and neck can also lifted , a comphrehensive face lift / Facial rejuvenation including total face and laso upper cheeck , total neck.  In this cases  spesific sith our own face lift methods the  incisions within the ear and  behind the hidden incisions are performed. There is NO seen incision surgery scar line all around the face like you might have seen in others.

When we talk about face lift its NOT about streching surface skin , like many team do. Our specialists focus from the deeper areas in subcutaneous called the SMAS fasian. SMAS lifting and corrections on the sagging areas, in this way we reach long lasting fresher , younger look.

A comphrehensive fave lift including also neck area last about 4-5 hours. Only forehead lift 1.5-2 hours, under general anesthesia or local anesthesia , one night hospital or even leave on the same day .  With nowadays facial rejuvenation surgical methods these surgeries are much safer today. Some complications include infections, but these can be maged very easily. Smoking should be avoided before and after the surgery . Nicotin can cause some healing problems.

After surgery , the result can be seen in 1-2 months.  In first phase face and eyelid swelling can develope , which will reduce day by day.   This time period varies to average 7-10 days.  Some numbness and tension can last a few weeks. A soft face bandaje is used in the first 3 weeks, a shower can be taken after 3 days. The are no stitches taken out. The surgical results can be seen after 3 monts. Complains during this period are minimal.