Facial Injuries / Trauma

yuz-yaralanmasiFacial injuries, there are two goals: Aesthetic damage repair (damage to the pre view) and function to protect. Economic, social, and psychological factors when considering facial injury includes repair of the patient as quickly as possible, active and productive life, returning with a minimal aesthetic and functional loss must be. Damage to other organs and systems of a patient with facial injury may be.

Jaw-facial injuries should be evaluated together with other injury and early must be repaired. Motor vehicle accidents, falls from height, bicycle accidents, assault, firearms, animal bites, sports injuries in cases of accidents in the home and industry face, is the most open areas of the body in trauma. Automobile accidents are the most frequent and severe facial injury is responsible for. Automobile accident survivors, head, face and neck damage in 75% of it is found in.

In the last decade, the approach to facial fractures significantly changed. Today, with the use of computed tomography diagnosis of routine radiological damage as can be more clear. Increase the number of emergency services and intensive care patients with diagnosis, early intervention and support have been provided and progress in the treatment of all organs and systems of continuous monitoring with face injury to a patient with early and safe can be operated on has given way. Craniofacial surgical techniques to repair the damage with the implementation of pre has increased the possibility of facial appearance.

Open repair of facial fractures and surgical interventions unavailable or missing bones in the body, rather than on the first completed (head and hip bones) wire, plate and screw with the detection with aesthetic and functional (biting, mouth movements, swallowing, facial expressions, such as the movement of the eyelids) results. Breakage and displacement of the bone around the eyes with eye in the volume changes in the eyes seeing double, to remain in the back of the eye and kısıtlılığa transactions (enoftalmus) leads the way. Zygoma fractures repair therefore property will supply. Late in the period, this bone is made to replace the old broken again and look at the volume is adjusted using the enoftalmus and bone finishes, double vision.
Facial injuries, the facial nerve Transection in branches of State must be repaired or must. Has operated in partial or total facial paralysis develops, the patient cannot use facial muscles, loses the expression on his face.

Fractures of the nose and respiratory tract, as well as aesthetically important. Traumatic deviation (curvature) when correcting nasal bone is evaluated and repaired.

Fractures of the upper and lower jaws must be repaired, while maintaining a size assorted chocolates. If the problem is serious in the future look and irreparable leads to functional and large Jaw surgery needed to operate. Repair of facial injury, timing is everything. General conditions of the patient allows, largely permanent view to intervene as early as possible will reduce the likelihood of disturbances and severe functional disorders will limit.

Facial-jaw and aesthetic surgery in our clinic, this group of patients, are being treated by since 1996.