Chin Correction

cene-estetikChin & Jaw Correction

Chin augmentation

Even the lower jaw structure is changing from region to region.  Especially arched nose, bird face deformities are emerging.

Jaw augmentation methods ?
In jaw, chin augmentation / correction  synthetic materials such as medpor, titanium jaw end  are frequently used.  However, these synthetic materials can NOT corrcet the sagging at the soft tissue . Another disadvantage is that these can melt the bone structure , relocatation and infection are also some other risks.

Our craniofacial team is also specialised in chin and jaw surgeries and with experience develope own surgical methods in time , which are also published in scientific publications , presented at international & national congresses

Since 1996 we perform our own surgical methods in ching and  jaw surgery

Steel, Celik M., Tuncer, S., Buyukcayır, I.Yargı Advancement Genioplasty: A new sliding Genioplasty Technique. Annals of Plastic Surgery. 43: 148, 1999

This method was also published in “YEAR BOOK OF  AESTHETIC” .

According to this technique, the patient’s jaw bone is pushed forward . Improvements under the chin and neck are also reached.

This technique was also presented at the craniofacial surgery and ISAPS 1999, World Taipei TOKYO 2000 Plastic Surgery Congress.


The human skeletal structure shows differences. The upper jaw, lower jaw and ideal bite is not always raised with the development of the situation. Lower jaw and upper jaw position can be different in front, behind, below, above, or even at the sides. Likewise, the jaws can also be different in size and also structure. All these lead to facial aesthetic problems and also bite problems.

The main problem with the facial skeleton and chin in common are as follows:

* It is the tip of the jaw forward or back (Dr. David Steel’s jaw has developed a surgical technique to get the front end: SPLITTING ADVANCEMENT GENIOPLASTY)

* Of the lower jaw at the front, back, right side or the left side is

* Just a side of the development of the lower jaw

* The upper jaw at the front, back, right side or the left side less than normal development or be

* The cheekbones can be to small, in the front or back

* Due to the disruption of the jaw shape and prevent accidents

* Jaw joint is the recurrent dislocations

* Other causes (tumor, surgery, etc.)