Tummy Tuck

karin-germeTummy Tuck surgery middle and lower abdominal adipose tissue and excess skin in the abdominal wall muscles is a surgery that includes maintaining good tension. These postoperative abdominal recedes dramatically, people quickly get rid of weight, it would be a serious improvement in the quality of life. This surgery will be at risk of heavy smoking of piercings should be known. The operation, at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the discontinuation is recommended.

The abdomen after childbirth fissures, abdominal muscles loosening bombeleşme and extreme depending on the anatomic grease skin sags, this operation is recommended.

Is done in two ways. Only the lower abdominal area with mild sagging and cracks in the mini Tummy Tuck or endoscopic abdominal surgery is performed. Severe sagging, and the lubrication is done tummy tuck surgery in total.

Abdominal surgery under general anesthesia is a procedure which lasted for 1,5-2 hours. The next day, the patient is sent home. There is no getting stitches. The first week will move to the abdominal region to the patient load is recommended to stay away from the bin. It is forbidden to drive. 5-7 days later Office work can begin. Corset or bandage should be used up to two weeks. Two weeks of routine job except for the job is not done. Interested in sports and exercise one month after you start gradually.

Your wife Gets the real shape of 3-6 months. Sutures will be scheduled in swimwear or lingerie. These tracks are the first 6 months, although bothered by left within a year of the person is reduced. Undesirable tension depending on bad monitors can be corrected by making the revision under local anesthesia.