Nose Correction


Nose shape shows racial and regional features. General aesthetic thoughts of society and fashion, also is effective in the evaluation.

Dr. David STEEL’s nose into the world four article about literature, whether these are three of the new technique is a recipe.

Runnig Z incision for open rhinoplasty: Better Aethetic quality, plastic surgery scar, 2001

Rhinoplasty is performed as follows in our clinic evaluation of the person who wants to. First of all, how does the person want to nose and why the world’s mutual want to talk and q & a sessions to work. Then a computerized face analysis of the shape of the nose that can be acquired and desire with the surgeon and patient partner to decide.

The ideal structure of a person’s skin is important for a nose job. Thin-skinned and very large results in non-nose, thick, oily-skinned and more successful compared to the nose too big. Breathing problem can also be corrected at the same surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeries can be done at the earliest at the age of 15.
The same surgical technique the nose of each action is taken. In our clinic has more than one nose technique applied. For Example; very curved or previously had a nose operation in the problematic nose open rhinoplasty technique we depend on. More simple nose, we select one of the methods in other classic. Nose operations, for which we have developed and there are some new techniques into the world Literature

Nose surgery, breast reduction, at the far end of the nose shape correction, correction of penile curvatures, previously made with bone and cartilage grafts in the nose become crash upgrade is done on such applications.

Nose surgery can be done with local anesthesia or general, 1 night hospital stay or leave same day.  Nose bumpers are taken the next day. We’re not doing an implementation, a special cast on the nose splint is held for about a week. There may be swelling and bruising around the eye. These bumps are back within 3-4 days; There is, however, within ten days, a week-bruises will be lost. No postoperative nose pain . First phase oedema will reduce in the first month visibly, other mild oedema can last 3-6 months. The actual shape of the nose gets within 6 months on average.

Some of our studies focused on Rhinoplasty and published in international scientific journals . 1- A long term follow-up of cranial bone graft in nasal reconstruction, American Journal of Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, 1998

2-Nasal Reconstruction using Both cranial bone and ear Cartilage, American Journal of Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, April 2000