in the early 1980s the liposuction, liposculpture, lipoplasty, suction is also referred to as lipectomi. Non-fat loss diet and exercise, formation absorbed the removal technique.

Liposuction Fields
-Your Wife
-Thigh and knee
-Calf and ankle

The information given here is very general. Because every patient’s problem is different. They described here may not be the answer to the problem of your body completely. Real answers to your doctor you may receive after you make.

After his intervention, depending on the type of anesthesia, feeling the pressure of withdrawal, sometimes stress, can be felt; However, there is no pain. The surgeon during the operation would take, depending on how much fat determines the patient..

The new application will be oil field special liquids according to the local anesthetic was injected onto the field before the procedure is done with. The name of this technique (wet) tumescent technique. The injected liquid veins shrink less bleeding and by ensuring that ensures painless intervention.

How Long Does It Take To Process?
-About 2 hours.

Consists of the areas where fat is fat again?
There is no regeneration of fat cells feature and feature improvement is permanent. If weight gain is received the remaining fat cells in other parts of the body are like the same rate with fat cells, however, do not change the shape of the body. Liposuction are never the same it does not get oily; because some of the fat cells in that area were taken on a permanent basis. That’s why liposuctiona is called body contour correction or chipped.

Pain, okay?
Interesting as the modern liposuctionda. During surgery is discomfort with agents to troubleshoot anastezik.

You must stay in the hospital, do you?
If other discomfort or, if taken too much oil can go home the same day.

When can I return to work?
Interested in heavy exercise after liposuction to restart, you must pass two weeks before but mild activities can be resumed within a few days. When you’re done if you do not require an intensive activity is sufficient to allow a couple of days. Smaller jobs can be started to work the next day. The first few days it should be noted that tight corset and stockings are used. If your appearance is important, you can find the interesting opportunity to test your sorry. I can’t forget the black neck should be.

When can I start my normal activities?
Most patients after liposuction immediately stands up and they are comfortable. We must remember the process of full recovery takes time. After the intervention of the side effects of course to the normal activity of the leaps and bounds to minimizes the challenging in some patients must pass in a week or two for activities. In General, in a couple of days to gentle exercise is allowed.

Adherence to the muscles of the skin after the intervention to prevent swollen and tight corset or stocking is used. This application only at night for use in two-three weeks can continue. The results of the surgery will be visible within 2-3 weeks, but full results will occur after three months.

What kind of changes can I expect after surgery?
Operation result is achieved permanent contour improvement. This process will not improve you intend and never bothers you as a GED, and suffer with for the improvement will provide a new way for your view that you cannot perform. Liposuction to lose weight in the future, and in the same format as your form will not provide protection.

Liposuction is not a weight loss technique, and does not cure the disease of obesity. However in a way you want to get rid of the small bulge and along the oil will make you get rid of as much weight. The goal you vucudunuzla is to make more comfortable and happier new trends.

How much is the result permanent?
Permanently imported oil from that region away, and does not occur again. Given the size of the remaining weight after liposuction fat cells increases in proportion to the body, but the smoothness is reached. For this reason, this process is called liposculpture in (oil of heykeltraşcı).

Much remains yet?
Kanüllerin to half a cm incisions are made. One or two pieces of these incisions stitching will be closed. These tracks are inconspicuous, leather to remain hidden to where they prepared in the appropriate format.

Liposuction to lose weight with you?
The best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. Liposuction is a quantity with oil, the main goal is to give proper contour to the body. According to the amount of oil taken 2-10 pounds to lose.The patient’s weight to look like.

the pole is?

It is quite safe. Nevertheless, there are certain risks. In the early days of infection, blood loss, liposuction is applied to problems such as was experienced. Produced solutions to these problems are the risks are extremely low. Given the large amounts of oil will cause moderate blood loss and requires to remain longer in the hospital, but often we do kind of liposuction with this problem in karşılaşmamaktayız.

What are the risks and challenges?
Some bruises and discomfort after surgery can be expected. These are severe, although there are a few switches per week. The standard is related to anesthesia and the risks before surgery maintained their questioning and necessary tests. The problem with the sign is very small incisions is very easy. The risk of infection is uncommon after liposuction.

What are the alternate solutions?
Diet and weight loss is the recommended way to everyone. If the neck is very thick and heavy, even when you feel yourself look very healthy, it remains liposuction is the best alternative. If the skin is loose and the Turkey’s neck should be done in conjunction with tummy tuck surgery neck if like.

Specific information:
Surgery is done before the bath. 2 weeks ago from aspirin and aspirin-containing drugs variants are ignored. Postoperative elastic tight corset or stocking is used.