Facial Rejuvenation / Face Lift

yuz-genclestirmeThe two main symptoms of aging can include percent; the formation of wrinkles in the skin, and soft tissues is sagging. Wrinkles, dry skin, skin of personal characteristics, the Sun’s rays, poor nutrition, smoking, as well as to external factors, and so depends on a lot of factors. Muscle and connective tissue sagging is a natural process, with the effect of gravity occurs.

This aging symptoms; and deepening of wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows, sagging upper eyelid down and lower eyelid bags begin, the disappearance of the deepening of the cheek, cheek out of lower jaw bone loss and neck angle projection shows up with deletion. According to the degree of Sarkmaların and wrinkles face lift surgery is one of the techniques. Facial rejuvenation surgery although people after the age of 35 years, ideal for when you feel ready and need it then it is done. The effect lasts for years. We apply our technique to the persistence it takes 10 to 15 years.

Kranioplast endoscopic face lift of the techniques applied in operation without making large incisions in the hair of the scalp from 1 cm incisions forehead and brow tissue to be identified with the permanent suture ger is based. At the same time extreme facial muscles that makes zayıflatılarak to eliminate deep wrinkles. Also cheek sagging, baggy skin under the lower eyelids are present with the help of the endoscope is made lifting the cheek again. This method is implemented in the strap stitching and other details is a method we have developed, according to other techniques more effective way we, more permanent and natural rejuvenation Center. Our publication (Modifications in Endoscopic Face-lifts, published in Annals of Plastic Surgery, 1999)

The lower face and neck for Facial rejuvenation process within the ear and behind the hidden incisions are performed. There is no form of stretching the skin only facelift at Kranioplast. Stretching is done in subcutaneous called the SMAS fasian. SMAS lifting operation provides the rejuvenation of persistence. The lifting operation can not be achieved only natural look with leather, and this process also loses the impact a couple years later.They’re the same baggy skin under the eyelids and neck somethingi want both sags can be corrected.

In cases where it should update all face young operation lasts 4-5 hours. Only the intervention of the forehead and temple area, 1.5-2 hours. General anesthesia or local anesthesia is done with. One night stay in the hospital or can go home the same day.

Facial rejuvenation techniques is a surgery much safer today. But the surgical procedure with complications with this because sometimes these websites have. Under the skin in very rarely livor infection can be observed. But these problems are easily going to edilebilin manuple.Likewise, many smokers hasa originate in healing problems.

The result can be seen in 1-2 months after surgery. Because the face and eyelids will be for a period of swelling and edema. This time period varies to average 7-10gündür. The feeling of tension and blunt percent a few weeks later returned to normal are observed. The first 3 days, then three days later light is applied to the printed bandages percent, can be done in the bathroom. There is no getting stitches. As a result of the operation is an average of 3 months after the final out. During this period will disturb the complaints is minimal.