Eyelid Correction

goz-kapagi-estetigiEyelid (Blepheroplasty )

Eyelids and the skin around the eyes is important in terms of testimony for the person. In General, the complaint is tired and sad facial expression. Sometimes severe upper eyelids sagging eyelids open could cause difficulty. Sometimes, especially in the lower eye lids can be found on the bags, these are often significant, and treatment is possible.
In this type of discomfort, Kranioplast approach will vary according to the position of your eyebrows. Sometimes they get and the upper eyelids sagging kaşlardaki leather causes the apparent abundance. In these cases, endoscopic forehead and brow lift is applied to the top at the same time with the aesthetics of the eyelids. Browse thru only the abundance of skin and fat in normal position is adjusted.
According to the position of the lower eyelid approach are considered cheek. If more sagging cheeks, eyes and nose if it’s removing a line stretching across the cheek with cheek lower eyelid surgery is done. (SOOF Lifting) Just replace the old burial of bags available oil is made from operation yastıkçık. This technique is a new technique that we apply to us. Oil is not the import process. Formed in the operations using oil in the eyes can prevent this method elderly pitting and point of view. This is very important technical details.

The Youngs and inherited the eyelid bags without making any incision on the outside much fat in vesicles within the eyelid reduced.(Tranconjonctival blepharoplasty)

The circumference of the eyelid surgery is performed with local or general anesthesia. Does not require to remain in the hospital. This operation is done via the natural lines in line of your eyelashes. No surgical scar. There is no getting stitches. There is no pain. Only lasted for a few days in eyes with edema and occasionally bruising can be.
General to complete the shape of the eyelids of plastic surgery wound healing requires a period of 4-6 months with the concept. However during this time will not be view-related complaints will bother the person.

In this surgery, overview of the revival, fatigue and aging will be the rejuvenation of the expressions in the.