Ear Correction

kulakEars normal anatomic stance called açılanması is a common anomaly situation forward. Child’s hospitalization or in the womb has nothing to do with posture. This does not flow or does not decline with age formal anomaly. What is important here is not affected by the child’s psychological condition.

When ears are corrected?
Like many prominent ear deformity congenital abnormalities in children before the age of six should be corrected before going to school.

What is the duration of the surgery?
Under local or general anesthesia is a surgery that lasted for 45-60 minutes. Zayıflatılarak ear cartilage, hits on the way back to permanent sutures. The important thing is not to be taken in the back of the ear, the given shape is aesthetic. Just two days the bandage is applied. There is no getting stitches, two days later, the bathroom can be made.