Breast Reduction

gogus-kucultmeBig and heavy tits, neck and shoulder pains sometimes waist and headaches.The body’s normal way of erect posture causes an ugly appearance, and the hogging. Also südyenlerin the skin of the shoulder straps can deep scars.

How to?
Much of the breast tissue and is reshaping. Will be held according to the size of the breast surgery techniques also change. It is quite possible it will leave traces of techniques we have been less than keen Terry.We use the most method under the breast, 5-6 cm in the form of a single straight line tracer methods are.

What is the duration and length of stay in the hospital for surgery?
Lasts an average of 3 hours under general anesthesia.Duration of stay in the hospital for a day

Pain, okay?
Although it is a very extensive surgery course, pains, there is no more or less surprise. In the early days, when it is rising, a certain amount of discomfort can be heard but they back these complaints every few days.

When the results appear?
Edema and swelling for the first month or so of devolution would be fast.The next six months, follows the normal color gradually soften the breast tissue, and when there is no longer sitting in appearance.In the meantime, in view of the breast will be continuous changes.Also, because of the gravity and weight gain, in combination with or birth control pills with the inevitably of change.

Many tracks will you?
Outdoor nude ones track is luckier in that it. ..However, the tracks are still based on the structural characteristics of the skin shows.Of our patients do not complain because tracks in General. Because we are using plain single line tracks in the shape of inverted T according to results of the patients with surgery technique is more advantageous. A year later, scars may realize even themselves.

When başlanabilinir work?
To work according to work done. Uğraşılıyorsa 3-4 days with Office work can be started to work.Must take up to 3 weeks for normal activity.Sports and outdoor activities such as beklenilmelidir for 6 weeks.

This gives patients the surgery?
The shape of the patient’s posture over time will return to normal.Neck, back, shoulder pain in patients with these complaints will be eliminated. Physical appearance is improved, the patient will be happy.Ultimately it will be both cosmetic and physical improvement.

Can be given milk after pregnancy?
Do breast reduction vary depending on technique.Very big breast in large amounts of breast tissue will be removed, this may not be possible.A part of the mammary gland is left intact, it is possible though less milk.