Breast Augmentation

gogus-buyutmeIn General, less advanced breast tissue or after pregnancy or weight loss as a result of shrinking ladies fuller-looking breast breast is done in order to give. The breast augmentation and dolgunlaştırmada is very successful in this method are always much nicer than the old image is the breast. If the person’s rib cage size size ratio and adjusted according to the request. Breast augmentation surgeries are appropriate to the patient, the appropriate surgical techniques and prosthesis is not selected is unfortunately proves to be a problematic venture.

In order to enlarge the breast serum Kranioplast fizyolojikli prosthesis are preferred. The main purpose is to be healthy. According to the prosthetic muscles applied technique is placed behind the seat by entering from underneath. Under the seat is a great advantage lack of tracks. Muscle under the skin of the prosthesis be put behind hissedilmesine Mania and natural look. For this reason it is advantageous than other methods. The incision is absent, there is no sign, there is no risk of loss of feeling in the nipple and the ‘ Capsular Contracture ‘, which is around 1% complication rate.

By entering the beginning of breast gland behind the prosthesis placed cases although breast tissue pain are less at risk of injury, risk of loss of sensation at the beginning of the breast (40%) and maintain this method manually feeling the prosthesis reasons.

According to the surgery lasts about 30 minutes on our tekniğimize. Rather than general anesthesia is applied. On the same day or the next day to become discharged. The first two days, may be placed on the back of the dental prostheses muscle muscle pain, but this time is variable from person to person. Within this period, football, weight lifting is prohibited. Desk jobs can be started to work two days later.There are three week sports ban. Walks can be made. Instead of the full breast softening and fixing a couple of weeks to settle in full the prosthesis may be required. There is no sewing, no import marks. The most common questions to give milk Mania olurmu question.
Does not prevent to give milk.